Ecommerce Product Videos

Ecommerce Product Videos

How It Works


Tell us about your products and what kind of videos you want. We will discuss all the details and give you a cost estimation.


Package your products safely and securely, and send them to our studio in Cyprus with your preferred carrier.


We will run tests until you are satisfied, and then film all your products. Supervise everything with our private livestream.


We film around 30 products per day and deliver the videos immediately, ready to post on your website or social media.


Of course, we work with clients from all over the world. The only difference is that depending on the type, quantity, and value of the products, there may be an unavoidable import fee charged by the Cyprus Customs Department.

All common ecommerce systems take videos, including WooCommerce and Shopify. They can also be implemented with HTML5 if you use your own custom system. Regardless, we can assist you in their implementation.

It depends on the type of product. If all the products are the same size and shape (e.g. bottles with the same ML, or the same type of jewellery), then we can do 30 product videos per day. Every different shape/size requires a new setup and adds to the filming time.

When the products are received, we will categorise them by shape and size to optimise the filming time, and a delivery timeline will be shared with you.

Solid white and solid black backgrounds are our standard free offering. These backgrounds work best for ecommerce websites.

In case of custom backgrounds, we offer two options:

  1. We can film on a coloured background or image of your choosing for an extra printing fee. 
  2. We can film on blue or green screen for free; however, we will charge an extra post-production fee for replacing the background.

In all cases, the background lighting can be customised to have a spotlight, if desired.

Sure! We can do this for you at an extra fee, or we can deliver you master-quality footage so your own team can do it for you. 

The timeline will be discussed and approved with you before you even send us any packages.

In general, we can start sending you ready videos one day after your products arrive in our studio.

We need one day to examine your products and discuss creative aspects with you, including sending you tests for approving angles and detail views.

Once approval is received, we will film. If you chose to do your own post-production, we will send you the footage immediately after filming.

If we need to do post-production (colour grading, graphics, supers, music…), there will be a day or two extra to complete these. 

Our master recordings are done in 4K resolution and HDR colour space. This means that they can be processed to any format you want.

  • Horizontal, vertical, and square cuts – to fit any ecommerce website frame, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Video, TikTok, and other social media usage.
  • Loopable and standard GIFs can be generated, for email newsletters and website usage. 

Of course, we can also do photography alongside the videos. Retouching is an optional extra.

We have handled projects for luxury jewellers and watchmakers, as well as one-of-a-kind scientific specimens. For such projects, we recommend sending packages securely with a reputable carrier (UPS, DHL, FedEx, Aramex, or TNT). We work together with all of these companies to make sure our packages are treated with extra caution.

Being a high-tech studio filled with robots and high end machinery, our space is by default secured with an alarm system, and fire and water safety. 

This is entirely up to you. We can send them back at your cost once the project is finished. We can store them at no extra cost in order to create more films later, in case you would like to create a social media campaign or other types of films (this will spare you the cost of shipping again).

Yes. Just send us any references and we will advise you on what is possible, and how to augment it to highlight your products.

While we’re still in the testing and approval phase, unlimited revisions. Once the move and filming style is approved, we will film the final product videos. These will be considered as the paid-for product and cannot be revised. Any revisions past that point will count as new projects. 

Exception will be made for any errors from our part, such as dirt on products or glitches in the camera movement. 

Types of Videos


The Basics

Our most popular offering for ecommerce. These are simple rotations around your product, track ins, and track outs. Clean, simple, and effective: these are essential for product pages. You can also make GIFs for newsletters.


Signatures are product showcases that can show your product’s design and details. Ideal for website banners and sliders, new product announcements, and special promotions on your website and social media.

Changing Packs

A “changing pack” film is a one-take signature move that seamlessly changes the product, revealing a product range in one video. Ideal for special announcements and promotions on your website and social media.



KINISI by ABL Films is a studio based in Cyprus. At the core is a robot that we can control precisely to execute precise camera movements.

These movements range from simple ones, such as tracking in to a product, to complex moves that go above, around, below a product, and back again.

Because the moves can be saved, this allows us to repeat them for all your products, consistently giving us the same film for every product. This is not possible to do without the robot.

This high level of automation is how we can film so many products in one day, while also offering such low fees for the service.

It also opens up several creative filmmaking techniques that are similarly impossible to achieve manually. Read more about those here.

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