Casa Del Oleo

Oil tabletop shoot with ABL Films’s KINISI motion control studio, completed with our unique Shoot till You Please, Pay What You Have workflow.

Shoot till You Please, Pay What You Have

With this flexible arrangement, we are all free from daily budget constraints.
We will do it for you with our own schedule. You can supervise live via our livestream, get dailies for approval, and let us deliver the perfect film.
This is enabled by our studio’s high level of automation, which includes our KINISI specialised robots for product shooting and dynamic stop motion, plus our collaborative partners with Bolt and SFX team.

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Krisou 3
2028 Cyprus

Marc Srour


+357 99308521

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Krisou 3
2028 Cyprus

Executive Producer
Tony Srour


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Red Zone, Street 1, Building 143
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Tanya Nasr


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