Kinisi Introduction

Presenting ABL Films’ innovative new service: Kinisi. See more at

Kinisi is a fully-fledged studio with the latest technology, to animate your web presence, add motion to your social emdia, and transform your e-commerce from boring stills to dynamic videos.

Kinisi is a system that lets us film product shots at a fraction of the time and cost of a usual packshot production. Kinisi works in bulk, giving more than 30 deliverables per day, depending on complexity of the idea and the movements.

It is basically a real cost-saver, compared to the traditional method of having to finance an entire studio and crew for just one tabletop shot. Kinisi achieves the same quality for a lower price and at much greater quantities: in one day, we can create for you a week’s worth of fresh video content for your social media and other video marketing channels. This is not mentioning the potential to upgrade POS displays and online catalogues with attractive, modern video content instead of stills.
The videos generated by Kinisi are ideal for: TV commercial use; social media contents, including short stories for Insta, Facebook, Snap, etc.; product presentations; websites and online catalogues.

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